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Barberi Paull Feit - "An award winning author and composer, Barberi leaves us with an awareness that we aren't ordinary... that life is more than we thought...and so are we."

People Say

Everyone wants love and has expectations. We know we don't have to sell you on the idea. But we do want to announce Love and Dreams, Barberi's new book. To spend time with Love and Dreams is to open a door to romance.

You may Buy on this website, books and music CD's that put you on the path of love and dreams, that lead you into a relationship with angels and their angel music. The book, Love and Dreams, and the book, The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon with its companion music CD, Angel Music, can be purchased on this website with Secrets of Wealth coming soon.

You can RECEIVE FREE ADVICE ABOUT LOVE and love relationships on this website at The Love Letter, Barberi's eNewsletter. Love connects us to one another in a way that makes a love relationship a powerful thing.


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Barberi Paull Feit


In Love and Dreams, my readers enter the opulent world of New York society. In The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by the Angel Auberon, I bring the reader into the enchanted realm of angels.

And then there is music. Books and music enhance our everyday lives. They encourage the use of our imagination. I like to provide protected realms where we might envision something we hadn't thought about before. Human life as we've observed it can be transformed by the dream of what life could become.


"The hidden wealth of dreams, love and memories. . .  our biggest human powers are invisible. Barberi's books and music serve as our roadmap in this astonishing territory."

from Love and Dreams

"Believe and when you do
Promise me you'll have big and beautiful dreams
Believe and you'll watch as they come through
All things new
When you believe."

From The Song "Believe"

Editors Page

I began to manage Barberi Paull Feit's work when she was composing music for ballet. Barberi's work has expanded since then. My role has also expanded and includes my providing editorial copy for her website. As for Barberi's music, she has recently created the music CD, Angel Music: She works in many forms.

When Barberi turned to writing books as well as music Barberi envisioned the package of The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon and the music CD, Angel Music, to help in these difficult times. We realize that many of our friends don't believe in angels. Still the subject of angels touches on the spiritual nature of human beings and leads us nicely to explore our spirituality.In the book Barberi steps us into a relationship with angels through Conversations with Angels, mediations she has devised. In the The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon we are given an Angel Meditation for each day of the month. You might want to spend some time with the book and muisc CD. Bring a little heaven down to earth to live with every day.

With the angel book and music CD completed, Barberi turned to writing the novel, Love and Dreams. In Love and Dreams, Barberi's romantic novel, we open a book that opens our minds. Barbari gives us the opportunity to experience life in its complete and utter beauty. Through the characters of Love and Dreams we observe the play of motivations and desires. We are reminded not to think narrowly about love. We see friendship in its abundant best. Readers tell us they return to the splendors of Love and Dreams reading the book again and again.

When we add that Barberi is also an effective psychotherapist we note that she has had three careers and is successful in all of them. Some people would be happy to have one!


"Express love. Be memorable. Dream. Be courageous. Confidently expect the unexpected."

From Secrets of Wealth

Guardian Angel Ophalie

About The Romance of Days

Music CDs


"One by one the biggest and the smallest creatures of the earth were sung into existence by the angel music."

About Angel Music

Retailer Information




"Older people are an inspiration. We see in them hope for the life of our dreams right up to the very end. Older people encourage us to believe that with a lifetime of accumulated wisdom the love we have late could be the best love of all. They prove to us that we are always eligible for love."

From Autumn Love

"Dear Andora"    Our free eNewsletter

"Whenever I program an American song I choose one of Barberis."

Conductors Say

"Read our eNewsletter, The Love Letter, so you won't get lost while in pursuit of love."

The Love Letter

"Friendship is the most complex form of love."

From Love and Dreams

You are Now Listening to "Believe"

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The Books and Music

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ROMANCE      Love Stories based in New York's Grand Society

Love and Dreams

An enthralling novel of love set in New York society. In Love and Dreams we see that even though love is elusive, it is our need for love and dreams of love that drive our lives. Love and Dreams is a celebration of the lasting power of love in all of the forms in which love comes. Love and Dreams is an ideal love story for Baby Boomers in that while Love and Dreams tells of young love, it reveals the little known psychology of late love. Love and Dreams reassures us that we are always eligible for love, for Love and Dreams also tells that "Love has its own prerogative. Love comes when it chooses." Love and Dreams helps readers remember the spiritual strength that is part of our curious psychology, and that carries us to what we must achieve, no matter how long. But, above all, Barberi Paull Feit has woven a powerful and moving message into the book, Love and Dreams. In Love and Dreams she shows how the same love that binds us to the world also ties us to the spiritual realm. Those we love die. But love, as the strongest of human emotions, fills the space between heaven and earth.

Short Stories

The Romance of Days

Portraits of Our Lives

Coming soon!

... ♥ ...

INSPIRATIONAL    Legends of Angels

The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon

There should be a copy of The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon in every home, along with the companion music CD, Angel Music. Learn about angels, in particular the Guardian Angels, and be soothed by this heavenly example of the spiritual psychology found in all Barberi's books and music. Barberi Paull Feit is the voice of The Angel Auberon who introduces us to the angels who care for us and fulfill our dream for unconditional love. In The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon you meet the Guardian Angel assigned according to the day of your birth. There are other angels gathering around you: Day Angels, Mission Angels, and Sea Angels. Explore the psychology of love when spending time with the book, The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon, and the music CD, Angel Music.

← ♥ →


Secrets of Wealth

Secrets of Wealth took on an innovative book form at its inaugural. It was published as a serialized book with the first of its short 365 chapters delivered by email. It then was published in the traditional book format. Secrets of Wealth is innovative and awakening in its content as well as in its initial presentation.

In Secrets of Wealth, Barberi addresses our greatest human powers, which are the invisible ones. She asks that we consider the wonders of the human mind. Aspects of the mind, such as imagination, insight, creativity and intuition are unexplored for many of us. Believing is another of the inner riches, a thought of inherent power that we also often ignore. Yet these powers, when applied, support us in all that we pursue. Secrets of Wealth presents a program of 365 short chapters — each chapter meant to engage our deeper mental powers. By cultivating these inner assets we allow our lives to inevitably be transformed. We allow for a greater abundance of everything good in the material world.

With Secrets of Wealth we set foot on a different path to a better reality.

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Songs are a fascinating kind of music. A song is able to communicate a simple idea. A song could also be the center of a larger choral composition, or could serve to integrate a complex instrumental work. A song can teach or delight when written for children. I've always been enthusiastic about writing songs. I like that there are usually words which must fit.

While some of us write songs, all of listen to songs. As listeners, we find the song to be equally fascinating. We know that songs keep our memories for us. They calm us. They remind us of wishes we still have, promises yet to keep.

Sometimes we sing- or play- a song. How interesting it is that the song helps us express our heart's own voice.

Angel Music

The music CD, Angel Music, is pure inspiration. . . a music CD that opens you to the limitlessness of angels. Angel Music is a new form of sacred music, a help during meditation and an ideal companion when reading The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon. The music CD, Angel Music, is extraordinary music for simple listening.

→ ♥♥ ←


The book, The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon. Make sure there is a copy of the book, The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon, with its companion music CD, Angel Music, in every home. Inspirational, Spiritual Psychology. Encourage your buyers to accept Barberi's gift of angel company in The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon and with the music CD, Angel Music.

The book, Love and Dreams. Love and Dreams is a parable. Love and Dreams is one of those wonderful works of fiction that will, like love, stand the test of time. Just as readers know they must have love and dreams if they are to fully live, they will recognize that they must have a copy of Love and Dreams to renew them with beauty and inspiration.

The music, Angel Music. The music CD is an exquisite mix of live music and electronic music. It evokes the enchanted realm of angels. The music CD, Angel Music, describes in sound the world of The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon. But the music CD, Angel Music, is also the music of the dreams of our lives.

... ♥ ...

As an Author, Composer and Psychotherapist, Barberi's books and music are highly imaginative romance laced with spiritual psychology and inspiration. Barberi influences us to think in the right way. Critics have said that Barberi Paull Feit has an astonishing view of the inner landscape. In her books and advice column, The Love Letter, more of us can share in her insightful observations on life and love.

Barberi has participated in performances of her music and readings from her books both here and abroad. Critics have called Barberi Paull Feit a fully employed talent. They speak of her as a composer whose view of the world is intelligent, and an author who writes what is needed in these complex times. Her patients agree; she interprets what makes us human with sympathy and very good humor.


Get advice about love at our eNewsletter. Barberi created The Love Letter for all those people who need help with love, and that is everyone. We want to understand the psychology of love. We want love and we dream that our love relationships might be right. Love and dreams are inseparable.

Reading The Love Letter will help you to hold on to your dream of having better love relationships. It will help you to think about love every day. You'll soon discover you're living the dream. The Love Letter can remind you that the simplest way of having love is to cultivate a feeling of love within you, and encourage you to feel love as your fundamental way of being in the world. Once you've done this, other loving people will be naturally attracted to you... so many numbers of them it will feel like a miracle!


At Illumina, Inc., we manage Barberi's books and music, Love and Dreams, The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V by The Angel Auberon, the music CD, Angel Music, and the forthcoming, Secrets of Wealth: The Book of Days, as well as the music CD currently in production, Songs.

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Barberi is a member of The Century Association, a private club founded in 1847 and termed by Mark Twain as "the most unspeakably respectable club in the United States".

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